Yashodha’s relationship with Krishna grew in such a way that she also became one of the Gopis. She was also part of the Raas. She did not like Radhe because she thought this girl was too forward, whatever that meant. Radhe did not have the normal demeanor that was expected of a village girl. She was a little too outgoing. Yashodha felt this girl was hijacking her wonderful son, but she could not help joining the Raas conducted by Radhe after Krishna left.

Does Bhāgavata or any other Purāṇa support this claim?

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    He talks on Hinduism and popularity. No scriptural basis. But considering many celebrity gurus, he sometimes speaks sensible things! So, you can take what is good and ignore what is not.
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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has not read scriptures. In one of his discourse, he makes it abundantly clear; I have transcribed the part where he says that:

me as a person, I always avoided learning Sanskrit language, though I have immense liking towards the language I avoided learning it when I had the opportunities to learn because the moment you learn Sanskrit you will end up reading the scriptures. My own vision has never failed me even for a moment in my life. I didn't want to clutter myself with traditions and scriptures and other things, right now everything I do is purely simply from the source not cluttered with any traditions, any scriptures, any teachings, simply looking at life. So I didn't want to read scriptures; I consciously avoided Sanskrit language. And that day I was sitting alone and it's in terms of visual beauty, it's the most incredible place that you can think of.....

Based on above comment made by himself, It is highly unlikely that his point of view on Yashodha becoming one of gopis, not like Radha etc will have any scriptural support.

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    'It is highly unlikely that his point of view ... will have any scriptural support' - that's not enough according to the meta discussion here. You also need to produce some counterevidence from scripture showing how Sadhguru is wrong. Apr 7, 2021 at 1:49
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    @sv - Not interested in repeating this discussion with you. If someone has made a statement then he or his followers need to support it. Your question is limited to whether it has scriptural support. That is clearly not the case as he has not read the scriptures. If your argument is that it can be by coincidence then please wait for one of his apologists to provide proof. Apr 7, 2021 at 2:22
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    @Carmensandiego this sinply does not answer the question
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