Should a Brahmin or a normal person strictly follow vedas to attain good birth or to attain Moksha.

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    Moksha = 100 marks. Svarga = 50 marks. Bhumi = 25 marks. Naraka = 0 marks. Depending on what you want, you can follow Vedas strictly or liberally. – mar Apr 8 at 4:35
  • @mar can you answer it – Dark Knight Apr 8 at 6:50

From purely tantric perspective:

No, not necessarily. A person can be a 'Pashu', 'veer' or 'divya' - 'sadhaka' accordingly. Although there is a general agreement inside tantras that 'VedicAchara' is followed by 'Pashus' (Also referred as 'PashvaAchar' पश्वाचार ).

'Shkta' are of two types, one are called the 'DakshinAcharShakta' other one are the 'VamaAcharShakta'. 'DakshinAchar' says to act according to 'SwaDhrmha' i.e. the Varna one is born into.

निरुत्तरे-- द्विजातीनाञ्च सर्वेषां द्विधा विधिरिहोच्यते । दिवा च पाशवं कर्म रात्रौ कर्म च कौलिकम्‌ ॥ १२ ॥

Any Dvija (Twice born) has two things to follow, in the day he performs the puja according to PashvaAchar (पश्वाचार), and in the Night practice the Kaulachara.

(Sarvollāsatantram, 18th Ulhassa)

  • Thanks for the answer. So how should we follow vedas, strictly or liberaly. – Dark Knight Apr 7 at 19:23
  • It would depend on that 'we' represents who? Whatsoever, vedas must be follow strictly. However, within the tantric practice more things add up. And its said in Agamas, that in KaliYuga one must follow Agamas. See this Again I say, it's from tantric perspective only. – Proxy Apr 8 at 3:11

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