Rig Veda talks about Saraswati as a mighty river (from Quora)

2.41.6 - Sarasvati is described as naditama, ambitama, devitama or the best river, best mother and best Goddess

6.52.6 - Sarasvati is made swollen by many rivers (pinvamana sindhubhiH)

7.95.2 - Sarasvati flows from mountains to the ocean (giribhyaH A samudrAt)

10.177 - Mandala 10 is the last portion of Rig Veda in terms of chronology. Even this book has hymns which pray to Sarasvati for continuation of sustenance and good fortune [9]

Which other texts talk about Saraswati as a major river and when does it start getting described as "dried up"?

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Lord Balarama undertook a pilgrimage along the bank of Saraswati in Mahabharata. Many tirthas along the river are mentioned. It seems that a large fraction of Saraswati was still flowing at that time.

Janamejaya said, 'Tell me, O foremost of men, the features, the origin, and the merit of the several tirthas of the Saraswati and the ordinances to be observed while sojourning there! ...'

Mahabharata, Salya Parva, Chapter 35

Mahabharata says that the river is lost at a place called Vinasana.

Vaisampayana said, '... And since the Saraswati, in consequence of such contempt, is lost at that spot, the Rishis, for that reason, O chief of the Bharatas, always name the place as Vinasana...'

Mahabharata Salya Parva, Chapter 37

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