Siva is said to have incurred sin by cutting off Brahma's fifth head. The Srivaishnavite sect accepts this and if I recall correctly, some Vaishnavite temples in the South have sthalapuranams that say that Siva got rid of his sin by praying to the deity of the temple.

Do Srivaishnavite scriptures say that Vishnu created Chaturmukha Brahma?

How do they reconcile that account with Brahma originally starting with five heads?

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    He created whom you currently know as Chaturmukha Brahma. Like people say 'Vishvamitra's penance was disturbed by Indra' - we know it was Kaushika trying to do penance, before he got title of Vishvamitra. But Kaushika is not a popular name. So it means 'The person who u currently know as Vishvamitra had his penance disturbed by Indra'
    – mar
    Apr 12 at 1:17
  • the whole story is symbolic..cutting of fifth head by siva who is son of brahma.. is not possible.. because the taratamya tree.. Lakshmi Narayana->Brahma, Vayu->Saraswathi, Bharathi -> Garuda, Sesha and Rudra. So Rudra is in 5 level from the top..
    – Prasanna R
    Apr 12 at 7:39
  • Cutting of head of brahma. .is cutting of Tamo guna from brahma.. so brahma is pure sattva guna.. Tamo guna abhimani is shiva its shiva himself cuts off his head..
    – Prasanna R
    Apr 12 at 7:41
  • one had to remember mahir ravana story where Hanuman with five facess blows the lamp in five direction at the same time.. The present Hanuman is eligible ot become brahma in another cycle.. so he is said of five faces as with Hanuman who is original Pancha mukhi.
    – Prasanna R
    Apr 12 at 7:43
  • @Prasanna R you are stating the views of one (tiny minority, numerically) sect as the views of all Hindus. On top of it, you are citing views that insult a deity beloved of hundreds of millions of Hindus
    – S K
    Apr 12 at 10:26

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