Indian Philosophy says Panchabhutas make composition of our body. Panchabhutas are Earth Water Air Fire Sky. How can they make our physical body? Isn't our Physical Body made of cells as science proves?

  • Well, by fire they don't mean the literal fire, they mean plasma, by water(even if you take it literally it is correct) they mean liquid(all) by air(vayu) they mean gas. And by sky(akash) they mean space. – Dark Knight Apr 12 at 17:40
  • the material elements are composed of different combinations of the fine elements. The fine elements (and their combinations into the material elements) are defined in the vedas. Don't take literally the translations of the fine elements earth, fire, water, etc. literally. This is a duplicate question.. Please try a search on this blog.. – Swami Vishwananda Apr 13 at 7:13
  • Outer body sheath is made of Earth(prithvi) and can be held and is solid, inside body Water(jal) is flowing in the form of blood, but the blood is heated and red because of Agni(fire) of Atman and hence body feels warm when touched, the circulation need Vayu(air) or prana through nostrils and into core heart, the whole process is happening in the Akasha(Space). Body cells also need circulated blood by 5 elements to survive, after death body becomes cold blue and decomposes because Atman(Soul) and its agni/heat is missing inside body to heat up and circulate blood and metabolism stops. – Manu Kumar Apr 13 at 8:52
  • Just like your computer or phone need battery cell or electricity to charge and work and feels warm or hot when touched, similarly any living body need soul, a type of heat(agni), to perform metabolism without which any body turns dead, blue and cold. – Manu Kumar Apr 13 at 9:05

If one views the world from the eyes of science, then our body is made up of cells and is an large chemical vessel. The Panch-Maha-Bhootas are those five elements from which not just the body but also the universe is made of. Separating that layer of science, which describes the body on cellular levels, the body is said to have 25 'Gunas' which can be grouped into each of those five Tattvas.

From the Gyaan-Sankuli Tantra which is said to be the part of the lost Shambhavi Tantra:

उमा प्रृच्छति हे देव ! पिण्डब्रह्माण्डलक्षणम्‌ । पञ्चभूतं कथं देव गुणा: के पच्चविद्यति: ॥

Devi Asks, O Deva what are the symptoms (Lakshanam or one may call it properties) of this Brahmanda-PanchBhootas of the body ? How are those 25 Gunas?

ईश्वर उवाच-- अस्थि मांसं नखञ्चैव त्वग्लोमणि च पञ्चमम्‌ । पृथ्वीपञ्चगुणाः प्रोक्ता ब्रह्मज्ञानेन भाषते ॥२०॥

Deva says: Asthi (bones), Masa (muscles), Tvacha (skin) Nakha (Nails), Rome (hair) are of 'PruthviTattva'.

शुक्रशोणितमज्जा च मलमूत्रञ्च पञ्चमम । अपां प्रञ्चगुणा: प्रोक्ता ब्रह्मज्ञानेन भाषते ॥२१॥

Shukra (Venus-Semen), ShoShit (शोषीत ?), Majja (Marrow), Mala (waste), Mutra (Urine) are of JalaTattava.

निद्राक्षुधातृषा चैव क्लान्तिरालस्यं पञ्चमम्‌ | तेज: पञ्चगुणा: प्रोक्ता ब्रह्मज्ञानेंन भाषते ॥२२॥

Nidra (Sleep), Ksudha (Hunger), Trushna (Thurst) and kranti (Revolution ?) And Alasya (Lazyness) are of 'TejoTattava'.

घारणं चालनं क्षेपं सङ्कोचं प्रसरस्तथा। वायो: पञ्चगुणाः प्रोक्ता ब्रह्मज्ञानेन भाषते ॥२३॥

Dharan (intake), Chalan (to walk- Proceed), Kshepan ( to launch), Sankochan (Hesitation), Prasaran (to Express) are of VayuTattva.

कामं क्रोधं तथा मोहं लंज्जा लोभञ्च पंञ्चमम्‌। नभ: पञ्चगुणा: प्रोक्ता ब्रह्मज्ञानेंन भाषते ॥२४॥

Kama (Pleasures), Krodha (anger), Lobha ( Greed), Moha (attraction) and Lajja (Shame) are of AakashTattva.

  • You mean Gyana Sankalini Tantra? – Rickross Apr 13 at 8:57
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    Okay, thanks for confirming. – Rickross Apr 13 at 11:51
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    @SethuSrivatsaKoduru Dont call me Sir! I dont have much idea of why certain things are associated to those respective tattvas. Yes Agni is Tejo Tattva. First I will deal with Aaksha. If we look what are associated with it, we can get a general trait. All those are felt by that person due to someone other who resides in world. That person who feels those, (plesure, anger, Greed etc) He Expresses it to world. Like that Akasha which exists due to us, and can be seen by everyone who looks at it as if it always was expressing itself. – Proxy Apr 13 at 14:48
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    Maybe my logic is bad, Now looking at the things in Tejo; Those elements, resemble something felt by we ourself which are difficult to ignore and one often has to fullfil these. Looking at that sleepy man, or lazy person he has no potential to work and Shine. His eyes are dull, that hungry man needs to eat. All these elements when occur reduce that Shine of body. When abandoned by suitable actions like eating which removes hunger, drinking removes thirst, ignoring laziness etc. one gains his shine back. @SethuSrivatsaKoduru – Proxy Apr 13 at 14:56
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    @SethuSrivatsaKoduru Yes, they are really strange for me too. If I find something I will update. – Proxy Apr 13 at 17:38

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