Are there any foods that one can consume before beginning a long session of Japa, especially if this is a daily occurrence, so as to prevent the development of gastritis? Please give references.

Edit: Do the scriptures of any sampradaya have anything to say on the matter considering that Japa may be taken up by people of various ages and states of health?

  • Sattvic food is recommended overall for any sandhna/japa/meditation etc, plus it should be taken at-least 1.5-2 hrs before your practice to allow proper digestion of food and to prevent laziness. Another thing is to avoid over-eating, stomach should be left partially empty.
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Swami Sivananda suggests that light Sattvik food can be taken before doing Japa. Stomach mustn't be fully loaded before doing activities like Japa, Yoga.


If you are tired of repeating the Mantra at one stroke, have 3 or more sittings, say, in the morning from 4 O'clock to 7, in the evening from 4 to 5, and at night from 6 to 8. Repeat the Mantra very, very quickly for sometime, when you find that the mind is wandering much. The golden rule is to repeat th Mantra neither too slow nor too quick. Observe the happy medium. The Aksharas of the Mantra should be pronounced properly. And also, the Mantra should be repeated Akshara-Laksha. If there are 5 Aksharas or letter in the Mantra it should be repeated 5 lakh times. This is Akshara-Laksha repetition. If you sit by th side of a river, lake or well, in a temple, at the foot or top of a mountain, in a lovely garden or solitary room, the mind will be focused quite easily, without much effort. If you repeat the Mantra, when the stomach is overloaded, you will feel drowsy. Take light Sattvic food. Repeat any prayer and then sit for Japa. The mind will then be elevated. You will find it pleasant to rotate the beads easily. You must use yoiur common-sense throughout your spiritual practice. For sometime you can visit holy places like Rishikesh, Haridwar, Varanasi, etc., and there you can do Japa on the banks of holy rivers like the Ganga. You will find marked improvement. As the mind, while in such sacred places, is free from business, worries and family-anxieties, you can have an efficient turn of Japa owing to good concentration there. Record the Japa in your spiritual diary.

And, by "sattvik light food" he means milk and fruits. This is mentioned elsewhere in the same PDF.

  1. Never let a day pass without meditation. Be regular and systematic. Take Sattvic food. Fruits and milk will help mental focussing. Give up meat, fish, eggs, smoking, liguors, etc.

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