I come acroess a twitter post

For ones with Covid +ve chant this mantra for self or others 108 by energizing water in a kalash.

"Aim Hreem Shreem Sarva Vyādhi Prasamani Sarva Mrutyu Nivarinyayi Namaha Shree Lalithambika Pahimam Rakshamam"

Few people were saying that beej mantra should only be chanted after intiation , which is well known fact. So there was one disclaimer at the end of the post.

Adding to it this is a Sharnagati nama mantra with Beej Samputikaran. Use it for Pandemic situation only and discontinue further once things are at place.

A rare condition where we have shared a mantra on our Tweets seeing the need of the hour.

So my doubt is can this mantra can be chanted without intiation?



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