There are many beliefs regarding the people who born on Amavasya.

Do scriptures comment about people who born on Amavasya? If yes, what are those comments?


The astrological treatise Hora Ratnam mentions some features that natives born on Amavasya Tithis have:

  1. Chaturdasi: One born on Chaturdasi (fourteenth day) will perform every undertaking flawlessly. He will be intelligent, bereft of sickness and will ever patronize his relatives.

  2. Purnima: One born on Purnima (Full Moon) will possess abundance (of things), will have steadiness (of fortunes), ever satisfied, highly fortunate and highly virtuous.

  3. Amavasya: One born on Amavasya (New Moon) will have injured organs (or will possess uncontrolled senses), be happy, highly fortunate, weak-bodied and be full of mental distresses.

The effects of Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana, as arrived at based on the instructions of canonical treatises, should be noted down in the horoscope of birth.

So, there are some positive features some negative as is the case with just about everything else in life.

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