I know that Prajapati will later be connected to Brahma, and in many rig-Vedic passages He is connected with several other devas, such as Indra, Soma, etc. But what caught my attention, is that it is taught that Prajapati came from the waters, a classic allusion to Vishnu, as Narayana, the "Nara", the one who is from the waters. Would it then make sense to say that the ancient Vedic, in worshiping Prajapati, would be directly worshiping Vishnu, with Brahma being a later addition without Vedic connotation?

Are there other passages that strengthen this argument between Prajapati and Vishnu?

  • Prajapati and visu are two different beings in the Vedas. May 2 at 19:57

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