If parshuram killed kshatriyas 21 times how do many kshatriyas like rajputs exists today,did the wifes of kshatriyas did niyogas with brahman rishis to give birth to new breed of Kshatiryas?


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did the wifes of kshatriyas did niyogas with brahman rishis to give birth to new breed of Kshatiryas?


After the genocide of Kshatriyas by Parashuram, Kshetriya women used Brahmanas for enduring the Kshetriya race.

The son of Jamadagni (Parasurama), after twenty-one times making the earth bereft of Kshatriyas wended to that best of mountains Mahendra and there began his ascetic penances. And at that time when the earth was bereft of Kshatriyas, the Kshatriya ladies, desirous of offspring, used to come, O monarch, to the Brahmanas and Brahmanas of rigid vows had connection with them during the womanly season alone, but never, O king, lustfully and out of season. And Kshatriya ladies by thousands conceived from such connection with Brahmanas. Then, O monarch, were born many Kshatriyas of greater energy, boys and girls, so that the Kshatriya race, might thrive. And thus sprang the Kshatriya race from Kshatriya ladies by Brahmanas of ascetic penances. And the new generation, blessed with long life, began to thrive in virtue. And thus were the four orders having Brahmanas at their head re-established.

[Section 64, Adivansavatarana Parva , Adi Parva, The Mahabharata]

Thus, it is true that Brahmanas contributed Kshatriya women in-order to save the Kshetriya race. And as a result new generation of Kshetriya race came into existence.

But I am not sure about whether the Kshetriyas born at those times have any connection with modern Rajputs.


No... No no no..A big no

This is a big misconception that Parshuram deprived the entire World of Kshetriyas . He simply wiped out a particular clan of the Kshetriyas called 'the Haiyahaya'. This Haiyahaya' dynasty was the bloodline of the King Kartavirarjuna (Sahasrabahu) whom had a conflict with Parshuram's father over the ownership of a celestial cow (Nandini) . This conflict led to a fierce battle where Sahasrabahu came victorious and Jamadagni(Father of Parshuram) was slain. Now, Parshuram desirous of vengeance swore to wipe out Kartavirarjuna's bloodline and had to circumnavigate the world 21 times to do so. Another, translation says , The King Kartavirarjuna had 21 sons ruling all over his empire, So Parshuram challenged these 21 sons and killed them thereby earning the repute, He killed Kshetriyas 21 times. But no where has it been mentioned that Kshetriya race got entirely depleted so as to commit the practice of niyoga. There is no need of niyoga , the Kshetriya men that got killed already had left behind offsprings to continue their race.


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