This the second verse of Sri Rudram

yAta ishus-shivatama shivam babhUva te dhanuH /
shivA sharavyA yA tava tayA no rudra mRRiDaya //

The first word in the first line can be divided into या | ते | इषुः =या त इषुः. I want to know the meaning of या. Especially since it also seems to be repeated in next few verses.

Or is my Sandhi Vichhedh wrong?


Well in general when you are referring to the Supreme Lord/Devi you use the word "Ya" as in the verse stated above and others out there in Sri Rudram for instance:

या तेरुद्र शिवा तनू-रघोराऽपापकाशिनी ।

तया नस्तनुवा शन्तमया गिरिशंताभिचाकशीहि ॥ १-३

Ya te Rudra Shiva tanura ghora papakashini

taya nastanuva shantamaya girishanta bhichakashihi

O Lord Rudra, One with terrible form, destroyer of sins

With your peaceful, auspeciousness bless us.

Or this one:

यामिषुं गिरिशंत हस्ते बिभर्ष्यस्तवे।

शिवां गिरित्र तां कुरु मा हिसीः पुरुषं जगत् ॥ १-४

Yamishum giri shanta haste bibharsya stave

shivam giritra tam Kuru ma higmsih purusham jagat

O Lord living in the Mountains, giver of good things.

Make us peaceful, let the material world exist

Also as in Devi Suktam:

या देवी सर्वभुतेषु Ya Devi Sarvabhutesu means O Devi of all souls, creatures

In other words it's part of the salutation. The consonant य् (y) with अ (a) added to it merely for the sake of facility in pronunciation

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