If X goes to Y's house, Y has a low opinion about X and insults him. X is hurt and he thinks that it is his papam. Is there any papam arising to X by inciting or provoking Y to behave in a bad manner.


Insulting someone is a verbal sin. So, prima facie it is Y who has committed a sin not X.

Manu Smriti 12.5. Coveting the property of others, thinking in one’s heart of what is undesirable, and adherence to false (doctrines), are the three kinds of (sinful) mental action

12.6. Abusing (others, speaking) untruth, detracting from the merits of all men, and talking idly, shall be the four kinds of (evil) verbal action.

12.7. Taking what has not been given, injuring (creatures) without the sanction of the law, and holding criminal intercourse with another man’s wife, are declared to be the three kinds of (wicked) bodily action.

12.6 above lists the sins that are related to speech or verbal action. Insulting/abusing others falls in that category. So, Y is in fault.

But X's behavior is also not that commendable. Unless he had some emergency why would he visit Y fully knowing that Y dislikes him?

One who dislikes you or have a low opinion of you is not exactly an enemy but someone similar. And it is recommended that one avoids an enemy and not visit his house without strong reasons.

Manu 4.133. Let him not show particular attention to an enemy, to the friend of an enemy, to a wicked man, to a thief, or to the wife of another man.

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