I want to know the benefits and results of chanting Durgâ name only. Can we chant Durgâ name without guru dikșha?

And, what if I chant it constantly for some years? Can I get siddhi from it? Will my tapobalam increase? Please give me śhlokas from scriptures about it.

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The name 'Durga' is a two lettered mantra and performing its japa is highly beneficial. In Maya-Tantra, 5-th Patala Shiva tells its benifits:

धन्यं यशस्यामायुष्यं प्रजापुष्टिविवर्द्धनम्‌। सहस्त्रनामाभिस्तुल्यं दुर्गानामवरानने॥3॥

Reciting the Durga nama provides wealth, success and longevity. It gives Santanik-Sukha (offspring), and its equal to one thousand names. (3)

महापदि महादुर्गे आयुषो नाशमागते। जातिध्वंसे कुलोच्छेदे महानिगडबन्धने॥4॥ व्याधिशरीरसम्पाते दुश्चिकित्सामयेऽपि वा। शत्रुभिः समनुप्राप्ते बन्धुभिस्त्यक्तसौहदे।5॥ जपेद्‌ दुर्गायुतं नाम ततस्तस्मात्‌ प्रमुच्यते। दुर्गेति मङ्गलं नाम यस्य चेतसि वर्तते॥6॥ स मुक्तो देवि संसारात्‌ स नम्यः सुरकैरपि। दुर्गेति द्व्यक्षरं मन्त्रं जपतो नास्ति पातकम्‌॥7॥

He must take the name of Durga when he is in a great Challenging situation, when his longevity is in danger, when the race is in danger, when the 'kula' is devastated, when he is struck in the 'net' (4). He must take the name of Durga when he is recovering, when he is suffering from a disease, when the enemy surrounds him, when siblings dont support him. (5) The one who always keeps reciting the name of Durga, he gets mukti from this samasara, and even gets worshiped by devi herself. Performing the japa of this two syllabled Mantra clears all the sins.(6,7)

The tantra says one must chant the name before staring any work:

कार्यारम्भे स्मरेद्‌ यस्तु तस्य सिद्धिरदूरतः। दुर्गेति नाम जप्तव्यं कोटिमात्रं सुरेश्वरि॥8॥

one achieves success by taking the name before initiating the work. One must take the name of Durga for one crore times. (8)

Also, the time of Eclipse is excellent for its japa. However one must not count the number of japas done during an eclipse:

गणनं सस्‍नानदानादौ न जपे परमेश्वारि। रवीन्द्वो्ग्रहणे पृथ्व्यां जपतुल्या न च क्रिया॥4॥ तस्मात्‌ सर्व परित्यज्य जपमात्र॑ समाचरेत्‌। तेनैव सर्वसिद्धिः स्थाज्नात्र कार्या विचचारणा॥5॥

No count must be kept on the baths, donation and japa. There is nothing more significant, than taking the nama during eclipse. (4) Thus, forgetting about everything else, let him just take the nama. He will get all types of siddhis just by taking the nama.(5)

  • Without a Guru, No sadhanas attain a completion. However I believe, one must chant the name even if he is not initiated.

The tantra provides the details of its purascharan: Japa for one crore times, its 1/10-th must go to a Homa I.e. a homa with 10 lakh Aahuties, its 1/10-th in Tarpans I.e. 1 lakh tarpans, its 1/10-th in Abhishekam and feeding the Brahmins I.e. Abhishekam and feeding Brahmins for 1 lakh times. The tantra says if this cant be done, the japa must be done for two crore times.

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