Sholkas 45-50 in the 2nd Adhyaya of Sambhav Khand which is part of Shiv Rahasya Khand of Sankara Samhita of Skanda MahaPurana, plainly state that the 10 Shaiva Puranas are Sattavik and 4 Vishnu Puranas are Tamasic.

दशशैव पुराणानि सात्विकानि विदुर्भुदः

वैष्णवानि च चत्वारि तामसानि मुनिश्वरः।

Moreover it seems Shiva Puranas are for Brahmins only but Vaishnava Puranas are not. The full verses are below:

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This is for purely unbiased debate about Hindu scripture, not to put anyone down.

Are these considered spiritually harmful for Brahmins or lead to hell?

  • I'm pretty sure Tamasic has nothing to do with validity as all scriptures are supposed to be valid and true. Tamasic probably has to do with how helpful/descriptive the scripture is. For example Tamasic scriptures will often call Vishnu's avatars Vishnu without warning or context to determine which one it is, thus making them less helpful/detailed, but no less true. Brahmanas can use whatever scripture they want. – Aupakarana Abhibhaa May 20 at 21:46

In the same chapter of the Skandha Purana (Sankara Samhita Chapter 2) look at the verse no 33 and 34 which gives name of 4 Vaishnava Puranas (as per that chapter):

विष्णोर्हि वैष्णवं तद्वत् तथा भागवतं तथा।
नारदीय पुराणं च गारुडं वैष्णवं विदु:।। 34

Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana, Narada Purana and Garuda Purana; these (four) are known as Vaishnava Puranas.

After some verses the same chapter says that 10 Shaiva Puranas are for the Brahamanas and are Satvik Purana and these 4 Vaishnava Puranas are Tamasic and are for Kshatriyas:

दश चैव पुराणानि सात्विकानि विदुर्बुधा।

ब्रुवत्येव पुराणानि ब्राह्मणानां कथा: शुभा:।

दश चैव पुराणानि हिंसा दोष पराङ्मुखम्।

वैष्णवानि च चत्वारि तामसानि मुनीश्वराः।

क्षत्रियाणां श्रुता धर्मा: तेषु तद्देवता हरि:।। 49

These ten Shaiva Puranas are known to be as Satvik Puranas. These Puranas with auspicious stories are for the Brahamanas. These ten Shaiva Puranas are beyond doshas like Himsa. Know these Four Vaishnava Puranas as Tamasic. They are for Kshatriyas and Devata is Hari in them.

Various Puranas give their own classification of Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasic Puranas Like:

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