Ancient Indian cookbooks draw exquisitely from Ayurvedic scriptures and apply it to everyday cooking. This is very important from the view point of preservation of both health and culture.

There are four such available books

  1. Manollasa 1130 AD
  2. Paka Darpana 1200 AD
  3. Soopa Shastra 1508 AD
  4. Bhojana Kuthuhala 1675 AD

Are there more such ancient cookbooks available?

If present please give the link to Online pdf verdions of English translations of the above books.

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Majority of the cookbooks (and other cookbooks) are available here.

Paka darshana of Nala is available. Some excerpts are available here.

Bhojana Kuthuhala is available. The online edition is here.

Soopa Shastra is available. See the online edition.

Mānasollāsa is extensively discussed in this book, Indian Food: A Historical Companion. This book is available in library genesis and the online edition is available here.

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