From Viṣṇu Purāṇa:

Ashwathama killed foetus of Parikshit. He was not even born and was in his mother's womb when Ashwathama killed him. How can a person like him compile the vedas in the next Dwapara yuga and even be the next Saptaṛṣī of SUrya Savarni Manvantara.

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    For that act he got punishment, right? Even other figures did some kind of sins for that they got punishments and retained/attained titles.. – YDS May 28 at 1:08
  • please vote my question and explain how he will retain or attain posts by doing tapasya, like that – user20919 May 28 at 1:09
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    If Indra can retain his post after so much of nonsense, so I don't see any problem with Aśvatthāmā being given same treatment. – peace May 28 at 2:05

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