Do advaita vedanta believes that Ramayan and Mahabharata are real history or they believe Mahabharata and Ramayan are mythology of legendary stories?

  • In Bhagavad gita bhAshya introduction, Adi Shankara refers to Vishnu's incarnation as Krishna. In Brahmasutra bhashya 3.1.19, Shankara refers to Sita as one who is not born in an ordinary way from a mother. Shankara also mentions about events in Mahabharata in his bhAshyas. It appears to me that Shankara considers both the itihasas to be (empirically) real. (Other advaitins like Madusudhana Saraswati also mention events in itihasas.)
    – user23407
    May 28 at 17:45
  • @zero why from bhashya and why adi shankara. Can you quote. other scholar of advaita vedanta. May 28 at 18:45
  • Can you explain what is the issue with quoting a bhAshya and also the issue with quoting Adi Shankara? I quoted because he is the most famous advaitin.
    – user23407
    May 28 at 19:13
  • @zero no problem but, qouting bhashya will make it a bit difficult to understand. No problem with adi shankara but please qout it from his own original Sutra and not from his commantary. May 28 at 20:47
  • I don't know about traditional Advaitins and their mathas I think they do consider them as real history. But modern Advaita organizations like Ramakrishna Mission and Chinmaya Mission consider Itihas as mythology. Only Vaishnavas organizations like ISKCON and maybe some other Vaishnava organizations like BAPS consider Itihas historical.
    – RishX
    May 29 at 9:56

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