We know that Kali who is the ruler of Kali yuga incarnated as Duryodhana and Dwapara incarnated as Shakuni.

But what of the other two yugas of Sathya and Treta.

Who rules these yugas? Were they incarnated during Mahabharata ? If yes, then as whom did they incarnate? Apart from Mahabharata did this personification mentioned in some other texts ?

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To answer your question,I would like to bring to your notice the fact that in the Puranas ,Satya Yuga is shown as a person who actually fights(under the command of Lord Vishnu as Kalki) against Kali.

Here is one quotation from Kalki Puran that describes a pre War conversation between Lord Kalki and Satya Yuga:

(Kalki Puran,Chapter 19)

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Text 4 and 17 will answer your question:

The incarnation of Satya Yuga is by name Maskari

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