In this video, Sadhguru reveals the secret of the Dhyanalinga. In this context, he said that there was a yogi named Sunira. He was the next generation of Saptarishis. He had the plan to create a perfect being who will liberate the entire world population. But he could not complete his work. At the end of his life, he prophecised that his unfinished job will be fulfilled after a long, long time in the green hills of South India. Later on, different attempts were made to fulfil his vision. But all attempts failed. At last, Sadhguru consecrated the Dhyanalinga. It is the liberator.

My question is this. If you see the Genealogies in the Puranas, you won't find anybody named Sunira. Anybody can check it by himself. Can anybody show any reference from any scriptures that talks about Sunira???

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