Upanishads do say Brahman is formless. So how can formless Brahman be Sat(Existence) Chit(Consciousness) Ananda(Bliss)? Without attributes how can we define these 3 features for Brahman?


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Satchitananda is not the guna of the Brahman. It is how we experience this ultimate reality, and to use a common analogy, just like we can experience the warmth of sunlight without understanding it.


Yes, Brahman is formless...without a center nor circumference. Sat (Existence), Chit (Consciousness), and Ananda (Bliss) are how we experience Brahman...in the absence of ignorance. These may be attributes, but not forms. Sat (Existence) and Chit (Consciousness) are also formless...with no center or circumference. Ananda (Bliss) appears to be a form, but it is not. In the absence of ignorance, there is Bliss...causeless...without center or circirumference.

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Satcitananda is the subjective experience of Brahman, so sat, cit and ananda point to the qualities of that experience rather than to qualities of Brahman.

Eg, Atma Bodha, verse 65: "That all pervading, eternal blissful consciousness is seen within when one observes it through the eye of knowledge...."


Sat-chit-ananda is one thing not three. It is trying to capture the full essence of Brahman. It is the attributeless Brahman, the atoms of subjective reality (which is reality). It cannot be known and have attributes because it is also the knower.

I think that much is relatively uncontroversial.

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