Consider the following verses from Agni Purana regarding the goddess Sarasvati

The chief mantra, that is (known as) Sarasvati (Goddess of learning), that which has the letters that have the directive at the end of the oblation (is) “For speech, deed, united to the side, white, and for the sake of the child is deemed to be the ship.”’ A person who repeats this collection of mantra a lakh times would become a wise man.


The principal Mantra sacred to the lord of heaven, consists of the Vijas known as the Vak, Karma, etc., and ends with the one known as the Huta. The Mantra should be repeated a hundred thousand times, whereby the intellect of the repeater is sure to be expanded.

[1-2, Chapter 302: Description of different kinds of potential mantras and herbs, Agni Purana]

The verses say that the mantra should be repeated one lakh times for the grace of Sarasvati. What is the mantra in actual Sanskrit text?

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In the Gita press translation, I found the mantra written before the verse.

enter image description here

ऐं कुलजे ऐं सरस्वती स्वाहा।

I think this is the Mantra.

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