The telugu translation of Mahabharatha is containing an extra parva names Vaishnavadharma parva. It contains 22 chapters in it. It is basically a discussion between Krishna and Yudhishthira. It follows immediatly after Anugita parva and preceeds before Asramavasika parva

But, English translation in sacred texts does not contain it.

Is that parva a part of Mahabharatha?

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    Most probably no.. "The next must be known as the 'Anugita' in which are words of spiritual philosophy. Those that follow are called 'Asramvasa',..." Can u pls match number of chapters in all three parvas, may be few chapters of Anugita and/or Asramvasa are labelled under new parva.. – YDS May 31 at 3:55
  • @YDS Yeah only last chapter 92 belongs to Vaishnava dharma Parva and 16-91 fall in Anugita Parva. Although there are 22 chapters in Vaishnavadharma parva, numbers are not given to them except the first (92). – hanugm May 31 at 3:57

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