The following is from Shiva Purana's Vidyeśvara-saṃhitā (Chapter 17). It is about how Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras can become Brahmins.

क्षत्रियः पञ्चलक्षण क्षत्रत्वमपनेष्यति । पुनश्च पञ्चलक्षण क्षत्रियो ब्राह्मणो भवेत् ।। मन्त्रसिद्धिर्जपाद्यैव क्रमान्मुक्तो भवेन्नर । वैश्यस्तु पञ्चलक्षण वैश्यत्वमपनेष्यति ।। पुनश्च पञ्चलक्षण मन्त्रक्षत्रिय उच्यते । पुनश्च पञ्चलक्षण क्षत्रत्वमपनेष्यति ।। पुनश्च पञ्चलक्षण मन्त्रब्राह्मण उच्यते । शूद्रश्चैव नमोऽन्तेन पञ्चविंशतिलक्षत ।। मन्त्रविप्रत्वमापद्य पश्चाच्छुद्रो भवेद्द्विज । नारीवाथ नरो वाथ ब्राह्मणो वान्य एव वा ।।

So it says Kshatriyas become Brahmins, and Vaishyas/Shudras become Mantra-Brahmins. According to another translation given on Hindu Scriptures website it is written here that

In case a Sudra adding Namah at the end of the mantra, recites the mantra by twenty five lacs of times, then he achieves the position of a mantra Brahmana. After reciting the japam by twenty five lacs of times again, a Sudra is turned into a pure Brahmana.

Is this quoted part in bold part explicitly stated, or is it implied from the previous verses? Is there any place where it says mantra-Brahmin is not a pure-Brahmin or is it translator's own opinion?

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