Parvati was a normal human . So, death must have come to her .

How and when did she die ?

Or Is she still alive ?

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    see the answer given here: hinduism.stackexchange.com/questions/10141/… There are many cycles of Sati and Parvati... for the current Parvati, lord Shiva says in Skandha Purana 'In this Varaha Kalpa, O goddess, you became Parvati obtained by Himavan through his penance, when the Chakshusha Manvantara has passed off. O beautiful lady, due to the anger of Daksha you had to be separated from me for the duration of a day of Brahma. Your span of life is the period of his six months.' 6 months of Brahma=about 180 kalpas
    – Tezz
    Jun 7 at 12:33

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