A thought suddenly stuck me that the words “Maya” and “Yama” can be obtained from one another by switching “y” and “m”.

Is there any deeper meaning to this,on and linguistic and/or theological basis?

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    माया (māyā) != यम (yama) :- There's absolutely no correlation, besides some incompatibility between the alphabets of English and Sanskrit, that prohibits a proper transliteration without using special characters. – ChandAl Jun 10 at 11:36
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    There's a rule called Varṇaviparyaya (वर्णविपर्यय) (changing order of letters) and it is used for some words. सिंहो वर्णविपर्ययात् (siṃho varṇaviparyayāt).. Simha is called Simha because it does Himsa (violence). This is one of the meanings of words Simha, other being Sreshta. Need to check if such kind of meaning exists for Maya or yama.. – The Destroyer Jun 10 at 12:50
  • @The Destroyer Thanks for the info.! – Amethyst Jun 10 at 15:11

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