This video talks about how Sri Krishna mentions the way life was unfair to him

Is this a true conversation?Did Lord Krishna “suffer” in these circumstances?As most of the mentioned instances were His destiny,so.

  • Suffering (दुःख) is always personal, we make hardships (कष्ट /पीड़ा) in our life as Sufferings (दुःख). Krishna is not a "normal human", he's the Yogeshwara (योगेश्वर) - one who's unaffected on the inside by the externl material problems. Sure, he did face hardships, but him being the Master of Yoga, he could never have experienced them as suffering - that's what True Yogis can do. The lecturer is a bhakta of the BhagwAn and in bhakti-rasa the devotee imagines on themselves what the Lord might have experienced if they were a "normal-human" too. That's what is implied by in the Video.
    – peace
    Jun 11 at 3:38

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