Both - Chudail/Chuṛail (चुड़ैल), and Daayan/Ḍāin (डायन) are mass popular terms across the Indian subcontinent. Both of them are believed to be supernatural entities having the appearance of a Women, generally conceived to have negative connotations. In fact, in the popular mass vernacular its not uncommon to see both words being used against females who are thought to be inauspicious and malevolent. Perhaps an equivalent counterpart to the Western concept of Witch.


Is the concept of Chudail (चुड़ैल) & Daayan (डायन), explicitly mentioned in any of our canonical texts?

If yes, are both of these entities mentioned to be inauspicious and "demonic" in their nature and character? Does scriptures give guidelines as to - How to recognize them and what are the remedies to be safe against/from them, or how to get rid of them (i.e., to kill or destroy them)?

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    Dayan is the Hindi Tadbhava for Dakini which do find mention in scriptures (which I don’t know)
    – Archit
    Jun 14 at 13:09
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    One reason why I have account on this site are these things. I am actually still in search: we do find 'names' of these entities within some stories, maybe puranas & stotras. 'Daayan' and 'chudail' are probably not found anywhere. However we do find 'Dakani', 'pishacha' which ultimately are 'Ganas'. Their effects are reflected in a persons 'horoscope', an Ayaurvedic branch which deals with them calls itself Bhoot-Vidya (it actually deals with mental problems) In the scope of tantras; we find their sadhanas. (There is a some book named Bhoot-vidya.)
    – Proxy
    Jun 14 at 13:26
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    Wow @Proxy , I'm actually a bit afraid of the term "Bhoot-Vidya" though. But, perhaps maybe an intersting subject. ;)
    – peace
    Jun 15 at 5:50
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    Yes, @Archit ; The Tatsama => Tatbhava game is aa given. I'd be more interested if direct reference were to be found or perhaps in some commentaries, which might explain how or when did dakini become daayan. ;)
    – peace
    Jun 15 at 5:51
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    @Vivikta Ah,yes.My old mistake.Thanks for letting me know.!
    – Amethyst
    Jun 15 at 17:44

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