The Vaṭ, Bargad, or the Indian Banyan tree ( Ficus benghalensis ) is one of the most venerated trees within Hinduism.

Several times, it's told by people that the tree is a combined representation of the Trimūrtis. Some people also say it's a direct manifestation of Lord Śhiva.

This source says:

In Hinduism, the tree is called Kalpavriksha, the tree that fulfills all wishes. It symbolizes the Trimūrti - Lord Brahmā is said to be its roots, Lord Viṣhṇu is said to be the bark, and Lord Śhiva is said to be the Branches of the Banyan tree.


The Banyan is associated with Yama the god of death and the tree is also planted near the crematorium.

Question: Are the above-mentioned claims based on any canonical scriptures?

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