For whom the word Dvija is used in Mahabharat ?

I have heard that in Mahabharat the word Dvijottama (best of twice borns) is used and it is ascribed to Dron.

What is the truth of the word "Dvija" in Mahabharat ?

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As per dictionary, द्विज (dvija) means twice-born i.e. member of the three varnas: Brahmins, Kshtriyas and Vaisyas. The second birth is symbolic when they wear the sacred thread.

Hence, द्विजोत्तम (dvijottama) would mean "best among the twice-born ones" as explained by Swami Sivananda in BG 1.7.

In Mahabharata, द्विजोत्तम (dvijottama) is used for Drona but it's not limited to him. We can find it's references for many people at many places as it's not a proper noun but a honorary word. Below are the few mentions [but there are many others too]:


As per Gita Press's Mahabharata(Complete),Adiparva,khandavadahparv(chapter 221), verse 33, Agni deva is mentioned as dvijaottam in the following verse:

उपसृष्टं तु तं कृष्णौ भ्राजमानं द्विजोत्तमम्
अर्जुनो वसुदेवाश्चा तूर्णमुत्पत्य तस्थतुः ॥

As agni deva came in form of a bramhan

A screenshot for reference from the book I have:

enter image description here

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