I have heard the verse from Bhagavad Gita that says


Which ask Arjuna to fight,without thinking about the consequences of it,as he has no right to its fruits,and that one should not be inactive due to his lack of rights on the fruits of his actions.

Let me apply this to a real life situation:when a student studies ,it is so that he gets more marks.Businesses put effort so that they make more money.Politicians hold rallies so that their chances of winning elections are higher.

In short,all karma that people do,they do it so that they get the appropriate fruits.

Say if a barren childless couple prays for a long time to have a child,and finally they do,what they did was their karma,yet its credit goes to God,since He gave them the child,and the right to the fruits of their actions lie is His .

But if this child dies,due to an accident,then although the karma was done by the driver in question,the right to the fruits of the karma are with Sri Krishna.

Going by this logic,Sri Krishna is to be thanked,for the child’s birth,and later be blamed for the child’s death.

The first part of the previous paragraph is commonly accepted,and not the latter.

Can someone explain?

Thank you.

  • Can you clarify what is not commonly accepted?
    – Ketan
    Jul 24 at 4:37
  • @Ketan whether someone will blame Shri Krishna for the child’s death.
    – Amethyst
    Jul 26 at 14:21
  • it is commonly accepted as well but not in the form of “blame” but as a notion that it is “wish or will “ of the god. And it is your past karma that may have caused it.
    – Ketan
    Jul 26 at 14:56

look most of the people get it wrong the real meaning here is arjuna asks krinshna about doing a war is sin and i don't want to do this anymore and I'd rather live my life as a sadhu or bhikshuk but when krishna tells him in later adhyaas that how paap punya and moksha works i.e when your punya gets hiegher frim a perticular level you promoted to the next level as a DEVTA and make your way ahead to swarga PLEASE I'M GETTING TO YOUR QUESTION, BEAR WITH ME :D and when your pap get in abundance you goes to hell so, after doing japa dhyan and good regious deeds you can cut out PAP but you can't cut PUNYAS "SO TO PREVENT YOUR JOURNEY TOWARDS SWARGA SHRI KRISHNA NARAYAN ITSELF TAKES YOUR PUNYA AND MAKE IT ALL TOTAL ZERO" so the meaning of karmanye wadika rastu is ==> whatever punya krma you do, do it by the name of krishna so that all the punya get allocated to him only because it can lead you to heaven which is also means getting into the trap of maya

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