The document called Kalki Puran does not feel real. Please hear me and verify it.

There were many yugas and many avatars of Lord Vishnu until today and even though every god and rishi were aware of this, there was no document stating the exact scenario of future.

For Example: Imagine if Ramayan was written before Ram taking birth. Eveyone would have known that what is gonna happen in detail. Imagine if Duryodhan knew every single detail of war.

There were prophecies of the 8th son of mata Devki but no written documents stating that 8th son will be tried to kill but escape and grow up in Vrundavan. No bhavishya was written.

Not just that but, there is written some very disturbing thing like Lord Kalki will kill all buddist!? Many times, it is mentioned. As the Kalki Puran is dated back to Gupta Period, when buddism was on the rise, Hindus tried to contain rise of Budddism by writing Kalki Puran portraying that all those who will follow Buddism will be killed by Lord Kalki.

There are almost no demi gods or other significant avatars except Kalki. Strong powerful demigods have always been present to aid Lord in his mission.

Other thing is rating females by their bodies, this lines clearly signifies that Kalki Puran is written in Kalyuga. There are many many incidents in Kalki Puran where the mention woman by their well rounded and shaped breasts!? Whenever a woman of good quality is mentioned, there is mentioning of well rounded and well shaped breasts.

Not only that but the demon Kali escapes in the end and doesn't die and it is shown that the war is over. But it it not mentioned that Kali died, its mentioned that he escaped, so while countless Buddist are killed by Kalki, the main person Kali escapes.

I am sorry to have hurt your feelings but when reading Kalki Puran, i never felt such great feeling of enlightenment and life lessons that you get when you read any other Hindu holy book.

I learned countless life lessons from Mahabharat, i learned countless lessons from Ramayan but from Kalki Puran, I didn't feel any extraordinary feeling. And that's why i think its not actually written by Lord Ved Vyas but actually to scare Buddhist as it is written is 6th century.

Please give me some advice.

Kalki Purana: https://cloudup.com/cws97nPY2uD

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    You're free to do it, but isn't everything opinion based? The 4 vedas, bhagwad gita way of life, everything is opinion based yet people answer it, if you cant answer it fine, but don't divert others into thinking that this is opinion based question
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  • You know it does not go into enough detail to determine if it Buddhist or followers of Buddha from another activity the Buddha did. Jul 13 '21 at 17:27
  • I am not saying that its written by Buddish people, i am saying it might not be written by Ved Vyas
    – Zeke
    Jul 15 '21 at 8:48
  • First of all Hinduism is cyclic in nature so all scriptures are of the past, present and future. Secondly, the demon Kali is needed and it is a good thing he does not die. Thirdly, why does it matter how the women are portrayed in this puran? Do I need to go on?
    – Wikash_
    Aug 28 '21 at 19:06

First off it is unlikely to mean Buddhist, as the time frame is simply too far into the future to reasonably be Buddhism like anything we are accustomed to. It's like over 400,000 years into the future.

Also, this world doesn't have the illusion of Atheism like we have for some reason, and people can clearly see the supernatural, such as the giant female Rākṣasa that is pretty hard to miss. Thus Buddhism being anything similar to our version wouldn't make sense to people who are aware of actual supernatural events.

Anyway, the narrator of the Kalki Purāṇa is canonically Sūta. So he is kind of the writer of it.


  • People can see supernatural things? I would give you a Nobel prize if you can prove this. Secondly, how is it that you know that Buddhism does not exist 400000 years into the future? The Kalki purana details the future.
    – Wikash_
    Jan 25 at 16:51

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