I received one WA msg saying that as per Indian Panchang system, each year has a specific name? And that each name has a meaning? There are 60 names of years (Samvatsars). Each name replays after 60 years. The year typically begins in mid-April.

The year 2019-20 was named ‘Vikari’, that lived up to its name by being a ‘repulsive’ year!

The year 2020-21 was named ‘Sharvari’, meaning darkness, and it did push the world into a dark place!

Now the ‘Plava’ year (2021-22) is beginning. ‘Plava’ means that, which ferries us across. The Varaha Samhita says: this will ferry the world across unbearable difficulties and reach us to a state of glory. And take us from darkness to light!

Also there was a followup msg with list of Name of the year.

I wanted to understand that is there any scriptural reference of such claim?

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