I have heard from contemporary spiritualists that Karma is actually stored in one's body, in different layers.

There are three types of Karma

  1. Prarabdha Karma
  2. Sanchita Karma
  3. Agami Karma

Now leaving out Agami Karma which happens in future.

There are three types of bodies or Shareeras

  1. Sthoola Shareera
  2. Sookshma or Linga Shareera
  3. Karana Shareera

Now its said that
Sanchita Karma is stored in Karana Shareera and
Prarabdha Karma is stored in Sookshma Shareera.

Can any one please give scriptural backing for this by giving appropriate verses

  • @GIRIBLR This is the question I was asking about Jul 17 at 16:02
  • No, it is not 'stored' If it was stored, it would imply that it is insentient and that what the fruits of the karma is already determined. The Lord is the giver of the fruits, He alone determines. See Brahma Sutras 3.2.38-41; Brhadaranyaka Upanishad 4.4.24; GIta 7.21-22 Jul 18 at 13:12
  • @SwamiVishwananda Of course he alone determines but he works it out by storing it as karma in sookshma shareera. Nobody is debating who does it. Of course God stores it. The question is how does God do it, in what procedure. When the word stored is used its simply implying the position. Like Goods are stored in Godown. It doesn't mean it was done automatically. Of course it was done by manual labour. Jul 18 at 13:48
  • I didn't understand the difference between sthula and karana sharers. There is only linga, aniruddha/sukshma and sthula/current body what is Karamazov Shareara here what I heard from keshava tadiipatri there is some amount karma stored jiva swaroopa that Chita memory shell not in any Shareara because jiva retains various levels of bliss in moksha because linga shareeea is lost in moksha if it stored in any of the shareerA they cannot enjoy different levels bliss in moksha as all the shareera is lost
    – Prasanna R
    Jul 22 at 3:56
  • @PrasannaR this is according to Advaitic model. Please refer Tattva Bodha if you are interested. Its a short and precise book on Advaita model of the world. google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://… Jul 22 at 7:26

The closest reference that I can find to this question is from Vachanamrut. In Vadatal prakaran, Lord Swaminarayan answering to sadhu’s question says

The two types of bodies, sthul and sukshma, are both intimately associated with the kāran body in the same way that a tree is intimately associated with its seed. That is why it is called the kāran body. This kāran body is a form of avidyā; it is without a beginning; and it retains its sanchit karmas.

So there are definitely scriptural basis to the karma retained/stored in Sukshma and karan shareer.

In case anyone not aware, Swaminarayan followed the Vishishtadvait philosophy of Ramanujacharya and frequently quoted verses and references from Upanishads (although not specifically mentioned in this chapter “)


Here are some more references to related topic. It provides scripture reference about “information on residual karma karma associated with jiva (carry/retain/store for the lack of better word)

From Āpastamba-Dharmasūtra, 2-2-3

Then, on returning to this world, he obtains, by virtue of the remainder of merit, birth in a distinguished family.........

Above verse tells that there Exists Information (stored or retained) on residual karma (like Sanchit) and which is related to Jiva returning to this world (which may be in Jiva in sukshma or karana shareer)

(More reference to residual karma associated to jiva are in Shankaracharya commentary here on Taittireya Upanishad

Please also see chapter on Brahmvidya

(I have been researching on same topic so I wanted to share my notes. Everyone is welcome to edit the answer)

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