When Lord Brahma cursed Narada Muni to become a Gandharva, did Narada curse him back?

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Yes, this is available in the narada charitra. This is under the chapter mutual curses of Narada and Brahma.

As Brahma allowed Sanaka Kumaras to carry on with their Tapasya and asked Narada to engage in ‘Srishti’ by becoming a house-holder, Narada’s reaction was instant and said : would there be a fool who would leave the outstanding ‘Amrit’ like ‘Seva’to Shri Krishna, instead of the poisonous drink of ‘Samsara’(family life) which is hopeless, illusory and distressful? As Narada dismissed Brahma’s proposal of Samsara with the least respect and consideration, the latter grew furious and visibly angry. He cursed Narada to become a quixotic, glibly and dreamy human being named ‘Upabarhana’ with frivolous nature, as an indulger in ‘Shringar’ (romance) and music, a veena player, talkative, wanderer and as the son of a servant maid; after repeated births would by the grace of Shri Krishna return to Brahma when he would then become a Gyani. Narada was non-plussed by this spate of curses and said: Your anger was least justified and unwarranted; normally, a father would chastise a son taken to wrong ways but in this case, many curses were hurled to a person with passion for the highest attachment and devotion for Shri Krishna!

Narada addressed Brahma Deva as follows: ‘Chaturaanana! You have given me so many curses without justification for the only reason of not obeying you to distance myself from Paramatma and get into the whirlpool of Samsara! I feel justified to give you too a few curses: You will not be worshipped by anybody in the entire Universe by way of Stotra, Kavacha, Mantra and Puja for the next Three Kalpas; nor could be offered ‘Yagna Bhaga’(oblations at Yagnas through Agni Homas); You will also be denied worship by way of ‘Vratas’

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