If Hiranyaksha received Andhaka from Lord Shiva, does that mean Shiva and Parvati were already married long before Lord Vishnu's Varaha Avatar where Hiranyaksha was killed?

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Yes. Lord Shiva gave Andhaka to Hiranyaksha before Varaha Avatar.

Sanatkumāra said:— 38. On hearing these words of the king, the kind-hearted Śiva was satisfied and spoke thus—“O ruler of Daityas, there may not be a son born of your semen. But I shall grant you a son.

  1. My son Andhaka has a prowess equal to yours. He cannot be defeated by any. You choose him as your son. Cast off your distress and accept him as your son.”

  2. After saying this, the delighted lord gave the son to Hiraṇyākṣa.[10] Śiva, the great soul, the primordial lord of Bhūtas, the destroyer of Tripuras, the fierce god went away, accompanied by Pārvatī.

  3. After getting a son from Śiva that Daitya circumambulated Śiva and worshipped him with many hymns. Joyously the noble Asura returned to kingdom.

  4. Having obtained a son from Śiva, the demon of great and fierce valour conquered all the gods and took the earth to Pātāla.

  5. Then the gods, sages and the Siddhas propitiated Viṣṇu of infinite vigour in the form of a Boar that constituted all sacrifices and all beings and was terrific in form.

44-46. He split the earth by beating and striking with his snout and entered Pātāla. He powdered hundreds of Daityas with his nose and the formidable curved fangs. He smashed the armies of the Asuras by kicking with his legs dazzling like lightning. He had a wonderfully fierce refulgence. With his Sudarśana dazzling like a crore of suns he chopped off the burning head of Hiraṇyākṣa and reduced the wicked Daityas to ashes. He was then delighted to crown his son Andhaka as the king of Daityas.

  1. He returned to his abode. He lifted up the earth from the Pātāla by means of his fangs. He sustained the Earth as before.

  2. Eulogised by the gods, the delighted sages, and Brahmā, lord Viṣṇu of huge body who had assumed the form of a Boar finished the task and returned to his abode.

  3. When Hiraṇyākṣa the king of Asuras was killed by Viṣṇu assuming the form of a Boar,[11] the gods, sages and other living beings became happy.

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