This video attributes a quite to Swami Shivananda,saying that practice of unbroken celibacy for 12 years,will be sufficient for the practioner such that he will undergo Self Realization,when he hears the Mahavakya once.

Is this true?

Since merely retaining semen and not thinking sexually(I have heard that action is our thoughts in a gross form),can be practised by anyone,(probably even an atheist,or someone without a Guru as well)(like Dr. APJ Kalam,for example) what more should a person do such that he is able to maintain this kind of a level?

  • "can be practised by anyone" - anyone can also run 100m in 9.5 seconds. but CAN they ?
    – mar
    Aug 1 at 15:01
  • @mar I do know that practising celibacy of this kind is not as easy as it sounds,but it’s feasible(with the due effort put in).I feel the onus is then will they?,rather than can they?
    – Amethyst
    Aug 2 at 4:21
  • to answer your question, if I say "yes, it is true", will you believe me ? Shivananda already said it is true, Vivekananda also said it is true. No amount of people telling anything is true will be satisfactory to you until you verify it yourself. Even "earth is round" is only hear-say, because you trust the word of scientists who went to space. So the onus is on you to verify. one of the easiest ways to maintain celibacy is Ahara Niyamam - try eating only fruits for 3 days, and see how peaceful your mind is.
    – mar
    Aug 3 at 13:20
  • @mar I do believe that celibacy for 12 years does give moksha,as per the acharyas have spoken,I don’t doubt that.My doubt is the fact that is it ,on its own,sufficient?
    – Amethyst
    Aug 3 at 16:57
  • For example,we know that to get ripped,we have to eat right.But in addition to eating right,one must also workout .My question was trying to know as to what should be done,in addition to..or whether people who do maintain akhanda brahmacharya just need that,or anything else like japa,kirtan,dhyana,scripture study etc...
    – Amethyst
    Aug 3 at 16:58

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