I have some confusion in chapter 2 verse 18

antavanta ime dehā nityasyoktāḥ śharīriṇaḥ

anāśhino ’prameyasya tasmād yudhyasva bhārata

Only the material body is perishable; the embodied soul within is indestructible, immeasurable, and eternal. Therefore, fight, O descendent of Bharat.

Im not getting the meaning of O descendent of Bharat .

Why lord krishna said O descendent of Bharat to Arjun ?

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    Bharat falls in his ancestry line of Arjun.
    – sbharti
    Sep 7 at 20:51
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    Arjuna was born in lineage of Puru, Bharata, Hasti, Kuru, Pandu etc. thats why he is referred as decedent of of them..similarly, Krisha was born in lineage of Yadu, Madhu, Vrishin, Shura, Vasudeva etc. thats why he is referred as decedent of of them...
    – YDS
    Sep 9 at 13:33

https://qphs.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-b018e4e09204e150469902290e073255-c You may ignore the starting point where it is mentioned that Krsna is supreme personality of godhead(everyone has different opinions ,actually this picture's source might be Gaudiya Vaishnav sect ), rest whole family tree shows that how Pandavas and Kauravas were descendants of King Bharata. image of family tree

https://twitter.com/radharamndas/status/1293012765167120386 He is vice president AND spokesperson of ISKCON KOLKATA and he endorses same picture.

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