Gita chapter 2 verse 28:

avyaktadini bhutani vyakta-madhyani bharata avyakta-nidhanany eva tatra ka paridevana

Can anybody explain the meaning of this verse in detail?

  • Which is the translation you are trying to understand?
    – Pandya
    Oct 22, 2021 at 18:10
  • @Pandya actually , i was confused on ''avyaktadini bhutani vyakta-madhyani'.But is now cleared
    – jasmine
    Oct 22, 2021 at 18:56

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The verse Gita 2.28 is:

Mystery surrounds the origin of beings. Mysterious too is their end. Only in the interim between birth and death are they manifested clearly. Such being the case, what is there to grieve about?

Gita 2.28

It seems from this verse that even Lord Krishna does not know the origin of beings and their end. Thus it is a puzzling verse. In reality there is a simple explanation. The Lord is telling Arjuna that there is no reason to grieve even if you are not a believer in the Atman. Of course origin and death become mysterious from the non-believer's point of view.

This and the succeeding verse seems to refer to some school of naturalism, which accepts no immortal spirit. Death becomes a natural and no doubt a mysterious and unavoidable phenomenon.

Commentary on Gita 2.28 by Swami Tapasyananda


Lord Krishna trying to say here that atma always stays and so that's why unborn,and when a person acquires body,he takes birth which is meaning of vyaktani Madhya and when atma goes from body at time of death,after that it is also alive but not in any body so again in avaykta form .So what is conveying to arjun as main message that it is body which will die but atma remain forever.

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