Yuyutsu switched from the side of Kauravas to the Pandavas and survived the 18-day war. Many years after Mahabharata war when Krishna passes away, Pandavas decide to renounce the world. Abhimanyu's son Parikshit is coronated as the king of Hastinapura.


Resolved to retire from the world for earning merit, they brought Yuyutsu before them. Yudhishthira made over the kingdom to the son of his uncle by his Vaisya wife. Installing Parikshit also on their throne, as king, the eldest brother of the Pandavas, filled with sorrow, addressed Subhadra, saying, ‘This son of thy son will be the king of the Kurus.**

My question is, how did Yuyutsu die?

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    "the son of his uncle by his Vaisya wife" -- this means Yuyutsu only..so Yuyutsu was given responsibility of guide to the king.. this is self answer Q...
    – YDS
    Oct 24 at 10:34
  • No, I meant what happened after the coronation like how did yuyutsu die?
    – Fun life
    Oct 24 at 13:34

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