Kings are called gods by people and even in hinduism. People consider their monarchs as gods.

My question is why, a king is a god according to people in hinduism?


Like the illustrious Brahman himself, the Lord of the universe of creatures, this Yudhishthira of mighty energy will rule you.


In the scriptures a king is regarded as an incarnation of the Ashta Dikpalas. That's why he is regarded and respected like God.

Manu Smriti 5.96. A king is an incarnation of the eight guardian deities of the world, the Moon, the Fire, the Sun, the Wind, Indra, the Lords of wealth and water (Kubera and Varuna), and Yama.

5.97. Because the king is pervaded by those lords of the world, no impurity is ordained for him; for purity and impurity of mortals is caused and removed by (those) lords of the world.

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