I want translations of works of Vallabhacharya, and Pushti Maarg such as the Gita bhashya and Bhagwat Purana Bhashya in Hindi/English. Along with that what are the best websites to learn about Rudra Sampradaya?

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https://archive.org/details/subodhini_vol_24/mode/2up?view=theater .(only some chapters)

Here and here have complete hindi translation of commentary of vallabhacharya on bhagavat purana.

Also here you will find websites for all vaishnav sampradayas

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  • I have no idea, if i will get it , i will surely post link.
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  • Probably its incomplete, His higness couldnt complete it or probably we have lost it. Commented May 12 at 12:56

Here is the complete collection of Vallabhacharya's work with translation;



Here are websites for their respective topic you asked for: https://www.drikpanchang.com/astrology/prediction/mesha-rashi/mesha-rashi-daily-rashiphal.html https://pushtimarg.net/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhagavata_Purana These are the hindi and modern english tranlsations of this work, I hope you find this helpful

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