Complete verse is as follows.

Janmanā jāyatē jantuḥ karmaṇā jāyatē dvijaḥ |
vēdādhyayanatō vipraḥ brahmavid brāhmaṇa smr̥taḥ ||

In Devanagari script:

जन्मना जायते जन्तु: कर्मणा जायते द्विज:। वेदाध्ययनतो विप्र: ब्रह्नविदं ब्राह्मण: स्मृत:।।


जन्मना जायते जन्तुः कर्मणा जायते द्विजः । वेदाध्ययनतो विप्रो ब्रह्मविद् ब्राह्मणः स्मृतः ॥

Translation/Meaning: By birth we are animals. From samskaara such as upanayana, one becomes a dwija. By studying Vedas, one becomes a vipra. Only with brahma vidya one becomes a Brahmin.

This sloka is usually shared with vaṭu during upanayana. I would love to know if anyone could share more details about it. Thank you!

Edit: The question is similar to the one asked here. However, the sloka cited here is different from that of the question.

Edit 2: While searching online, I could find this sloka in a blog post and a facebook post. Including them here for reference.



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