The following qualities are mentioned in devi stotra.

Buddhi, Nidra, Kshudha, Chhaya, Shakti, Trishna, kshanti, Jaati, Lajja, Shanti, Shraddha, Kaanti, Lakshmi, Vritti, Smriti, Daya, Pushti, Maatru, Bhranti.

The meanings that are given in this source for them are as follows:

  1. Buddhi - intellect
  2. Nidra - Sleep
  3. Kshudha - hunger
  4. Chhaya - Shadow
  5. Shakti - energy
  6. Trishna- thirst
  7. kshanti- restlessness (frustration)
  8. Jaati - (multitude of )species
  9. Lajja - shyness
  10. Shanti - peace
  11. Shraddha - faith
  12. Kaanti - radiance, shine and brilliance
  13. Lakshmi - beauty, abundance and prosperity
  14. Vritti - thoughts
  15. Smriti - Memory
  16. Daya - compassion
  17. Pushti - contentment
  18. Maatru - motherliness
  19. Bhranti - confusion

The words mentioned here have several meanings with scriptural interpretations. The provided meanings in the English language may not be apt to describe those scriptural meanings.

I want to know the scriptural meanings/interpretations for the words I bolded in the list. Suppose Vritti can be taken as the work/profession done a person daily: like studying for a student. But, I don't know whether it is apt in the context.

What are the scriptural meanings for the bolded forms?


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