As per western website wikipedia all other Vedic mantras, Brahmanas, Sutras and supposedly oldest Upanishads are written in a different style that is closer to classical sanskrit.

And all other texts are written in classical sanskrit.

Did rishis speak 2-3 different kinds of sanskrit? How to reconcile this with authenticity of Hindu scriptures?

  • There is only one Sanskrit. Sanskrit with svaras is used for chanting in Vedas. Sanskrit without svaras is used for talking in world. It's like saying Singing English is different from Talking English. Sanskrit grammar existed as long as the language did, which is eternal. Panini Maharaj simply coded the grammar using his own Sutras (formulas). Other sutras existed before his.
    – mar
    Jan 13 at 23:46
  • The oldest portions of the vedas are in a very old archaic sanskrit. But your question is how to reconcile with authenticity is asking for opinions. See the forum rules. The vedas, all of them, are the revealed word of God, to assert otherwise to not be a Hindu. To be Hindu is to assert that the Vedas are the revealed word of God. Jan 14 at 5:36

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