Which traditional text states that Kalabhairava corresponds to Shani (Saturn)?

For example, the Shaktisangama Tantra states that Kalabhairava is the shaktiman of Dhumavati. It is known that Dhumavati corresponds to Ketu, and not Shani at all.

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Shaktiman (Kalabhairava) does not have to coincide astrologically with his Shakti (Dhumavati). Shiva is the Sun and Parvati is the Moon. Vishnu is Mercury and Lakshmi is Venus...

In the Shiva Purana and Skanda Purana, the deity Kalabhairava is identified with the ancient Vedic deity Kala. There the name "Kala" is actually used as an epithet for Kalabhairava:



In the Jaimini Samaveda, the messenger of the deity Kala is identified with Rahu:


Also in "The Upanayana: The Hindu Ceremonies of the Sacred Thread" the deity Kala himself is identified with Rahu:


And in Sringeri Pitham they say that Kalabhairava corresponds to Rahu:


Therefore, do not believe those who claim that Kalabhairava corresponds to Saturn or Lagna. This is usually written by illiterate Indian astrologers, and other amateurs only repeat after them, and even Wikipedia managed to enter these nonsense. Kalabhairava, quite obviously, corresponds to Rahu Graha.

  • Not written by illiterate astrologers. They are not that capable given that they are illiterate. Such correspondence are most probably found in Tantras. Even the corelations linking the Dasha Mahavidyas with the Navagrahas and the Lagna are found in Tantras.
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  • I don't know any such quotes but that does not mean they don't exist. The no of Tantras is huge and moreover a lot among them have been lost. So it is sometimes very hard to find exact Tantric reference.
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  • For example the relations between the Navagrahas and Dashamahvidyas have been mentioned in Tantras -- hinduism.stackexchange.com/a/44490/4732
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  • There is a link to the book by Sanjay Rath, and he quotes the text from an incomprehensible source. From which Tantra does he quote the sloka about Mahavidyas and Grahas? In all published Shakta Tantras, the goddesses are identified not with the planets, but with the tithis of the Moon.
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The opinion that Kalabhairava corresponds to Saturn obviously comes from the so-called Lal Kitab (Rādhākr̥ṣṇa Śrīmālī), pages: 128, 206 and 214. However, many contradictions of traditional Indian astrology are found in this book, since it has been corrupted by muslim-astrologers. In general, this book has a rather dubious origin. More importantly, almost everywhere in the temples of northern and southern India, astrologers generally agree that Kalabhairava corresponds to Rahu. For more details see: Words of Destiny: Practicing Astrology in North India (Caterina Guenzi). Therefore, it is known that the specific time of Rahu-Kala is considered suitable for the worship of Kalabhairava.


In Tamil Nadu, Kalabhairava is identified with Saturn. This is where this ancient tradition comes from. Details here:




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