Shanka chakra dharam devam Chatur bahum kiritinam Sarvayudhair upethancha Garudopari samsthitham Sanakadhi munindraisthu sarva devair upAsitham Shree Bhoomi sahitham devam udaya dhithya sannibam Pradharodhya sahasramshu mandalopari samsthithan Sarva lokasya rakshartham .... Anantham nithyamevacha Abhayam varadhanchaiva prayaChantham mudhanvitham Evam dhayathva Harim nithyam Parabrahma swaroopinam

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Maybe it can be traced to one or more than one puranas, the Dhyanam can be found in 19th patalam of Aanadikalpa-tantra under the Nama-Traya Mahatmya.

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