It is said that the king owns the wealth of some people. Who are those people?

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Any property that is abandoned in the state belongs to the king.

Any of these is lost to the owner when it is used by someone else continuously for ten years. 18 But they also quote a verse to the contrary: A pledge, a boundary, property of minors, an open deposit, a sealed deposit, women, and the property of the king or a vedic scholar are not lost to the owner by being used by someone else. 19 Abandoned property belongs to the king. 20 If it is not abandoned, the king, together with ministers and city folk, should administer the property

Dharmasutras of Vashishta 16.17-16.20

In case, if no legal heirs are present for a particular property, then that also is owned by the king except if it belongs to a Brahmin.

In the absence of an heir belonging to the first six types of sons, people belonging to the same ancestry or those taking the place of sons should divide the estate of the deceased; 82 in the absence of these, the teacher and the resident pupil should take the estate; 83 and in their absence, the king. 84 The king, however, should not take the estate of a Brahmin; 85 the property of a Brahmin is dreadful poison. 86


In a similar manner a treasure trove is also owned by the king.

Ownership is established by inheritance, purchase, partition, possession, and discovery; 40 additionally, acceptance for Brahmins, 41 conquest for Ksatriyas, 42 and wages for Vais´yas and ´Sudras. 43 A treasure-trove is the property of the king, 44 except when it is found by an upright Brahmin. 45 According to some, even a non-Brahmin who discloses a find should receive onesixth. 46 When property is stolen by thieves, the king should recover it and return it to its rightful owner 47 or pay compensation from his treasury. 48 He should keep the property of children safely until they reach the legal age or have completed their studies.

Dharmasutras of Gautama 10.39-10.48

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