In Vedic Vivah (Vedic Wedding) , the girl is first wedded to three devtas (Chandra Dev, Gandharva Vishwashu and Agni Dev) then in the last she is wedded to the husband .

Is it true that this tradition was started by Rishi SwetaKetu ?

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We find mentions of a maiden being "enjoyed" by Moon, Gandharva and Agni in the scriptures themselves. So, the tradition can be a scriptural one and not started by any individual.

Having given away [a maiden], sanctified with HomaMantrams, a person attains the fruits of hundreds of Jyotistoma-Sacrifice. (63)

Having given away a maiden-daughter, decorated with ornaments, clothes and seats a father attains to the celestial region and is adored of the Suras (celestials) . (64)

The Moon enjoys a maiden when hairs grow on her person ; seeing the menstrual blood the Gandharvas [enjoy her] ; and seeing her rising breasts, the Fire. (65)

[A maiden] eight years [old] becomes a Gouri ; one of nine years a Rohini; and of ten years, a Kanya (maiden) ; and after that a Rajasvala (a woman in menses). (66)

Samvarta Smriti


Yes. This thing is mentioned in Padama Puarana.

When small hair appears (on the private parts), Soma enjoys a daughter. When she attains puberty, gandharvas (enjoy her); and when the breasts appear (prominent), Fire (enjoys her)

Padma Purana

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