नमः सोमाय च रुद्राय च नमस्ताम्राय चारुणाय च

What I found on other sites is this...

Salutations to Him who is with His consort Uma. Salutations to Him who is red and rosy-red also.

My questions are...

  • सोमा from my understanding means Moon. According to a Wikipedia link

In the Vedic tradition, soma (Sanskrit: सोम) is a ritual drink of importance among the early Vedic Indo-Aryans. The Rigveda mentions it, particularly in the Soma Mandala. Gita mentions the drink in Chapter 9. It is equivalent to the Iranian haoma.

What does सोमा mean in this context?

  • And, रुद्रा means the fierce one, or the violent and furious form.

I am wondering, in this context what does the above line in Rudram mean.

Thank you



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