For Instance:

  • The name of the Tilaka worn by the Śaivas (शैव) is Tripuṇḍra Tilaka (त्रिपुण्ड्र-तिलक).

  • The name of the Tilaka worn by the Vaiṣṇavas (वैष्णव) is Ūrdhvapuṇḍra Tilaka (ऊर्ध्वपुण्ड्र-तिलक).

The Śāktas (शाक्त) are generally known to wear a red-dot as their Tilaka.

enter image description here

Is there any dedicated name of the tilaka worn by the Śāktas (शाक्त)?

Or the 'red-dot' is simply called Bindu?


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It's simply called Vartulakar Tilak (वर्तुलाकार तिलक) or Mandalakar tilak (मण्डलाकार तिलक) owing to it's circular shape.

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